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Aydha Mehnaz

I usually borrow a shirt to wear from my Dad or my brother (well in my brother’s case I usually steal it). Why? because they’re loose, comfortable and slouchy, and usually comes with the cooler tones I prefer. After all these years of keeping track of what’s happening next, I still am adamant about my original statement : Menswear color palette is always much more elegant than what we wear. Forget what’s on the runway, just notice the people walking by on the streets on your daily commute, you’ll find men wearing much more subtle colors and prints than women do (not that women wearing any loud colors is a crime but just pointing out the obvious). If you look close enough men’s fashion, it hasn't changed as much as ours have. And also from an area of expertise from all these years working at Sailor, I can say that even though women are considered to be the frequent shoppers, men are the reliable ones you can expect to comeback to yours stores. I know what your next question is: Why are you being a sexist against your own gender Aydha? LOL I am not being a sexist, just stating out an observation. But hey, I have the right  change my mind in the future but I don’t think it will happen anytime soon.

Over the years with the invention of “boyfriend” jeans and “tom gurl” looks as stated by J Crew, designers have embraced and adapted  the silhouette of how a woman looks in a men’s shirt, blazer and pretty much all the essentials you would find in a guy’s wardrobe ( minus the boxers probably but then again you never know what they’ll do next).

So what is the future of fashion now? Is it that women will slowly adapt to wearing more menswear inspired clothing or just directly wear menswear? Well you can already see that happening in the west but I am not sure how it will implemented in our territories soon but it is happening folks out there. 

As an initiative for the future, I have taken a step to see how I would look like in  an actual man’s clothing. Well I am doing it for years with shirts but I wanted to try it with a blazer this time.


 There are two ways seeing this, either it can be an ground breaking self-realization and I might start wearing menswear once and for all or I might hate it and stick to I wear. But for now, let’s just say I like keeping my hands running through both sections at the mall. Thank you Dad for letting me borrow your blazer. 

Would you want to/ do you wear menswear sometimes? 


Photos taken by Laisul Hoque

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Aydha Mehnaz

Seems like we are running out of locations to take photos in Dhaka guys! If you spot any cool places on your way to anywhere please let me know. How are you all doing? As I am coming to an end of what looks like my supposed and hopefully my pre-last semester as a undergrad student, I couldn’t feel more restless to end it with a good note. Ever feel like the world is running faster than Usain Bolt and you’re just tired playing catch up all the time? I have been feeling that for the past few days. I don’t want my posts to feel like I am sad and cynical all the time, it’s not that. I mean there are perks of being me,  i.e: Watching Gilmore Girls till sunrise, eating all the junk I want, whenever I want.The rest of 90’s clan who were born around the time I was  are doing so many adult-like things in my mother’s words getting “proper” job,  getting married, cooking to impress in laws and  finishing off  undergrad where I on the other hand still love jumping on the moon bounce with my 4 year old cousins on birthdays. As much as I enjoy sleeping till noon on holidays, I really would love to find a cure to this problem and wake at 7 am for a change. I feel like I am losing most of the daylight to even be productive. I need discipline.

It’s not about changing who you are to be somewhere, it’s about staying exactly as you are and becoming a more polished (showered :p) and disciplined version  of yourself to achieve your dreams. It sucks when we don’t get things the way we want but there’s no harm trying to pursue them right? Never stop hustling. 

Photographed by Laisul Hoque

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Aydha Mehnaz

Embracing any sort of change for me elicits a lot of emotions, that lies dormant most of the time. I throw temper tantrums like a 4 year old and functionally shut off for a couple of days till I figure out what the hell is going on. It’s not the irrational fear of getting out of my comfort zone but the constant trauma and uncertainty of the unknown future that scares me the most.

 I just moved into a new house, my room is smaller than it used to be but that’s okay an adequate looking luminous  space to place all my junk is only what I care for the time being. 

I also got my eyes checked and was informed by the doc that I needed to wear glasses for  the slightly impaired eyes. That’s when I freaked out…a bit. Even though I was assured by the doc that I only need to wear it for like 6 months to heal the prolong migraine attacks but my friends say that’s how it “usually starts”, thanks guys for making me feel totally normal. 

I went to 5 stores in 2 different locations to find a proper frame I liked but sadly the one I really liked wasn’t in the color I wanted and finally settled for this one. Why do I have to be blinded by the fog for a legit 5 seconds every time I leave the ac room? 


Photographed by Laisul Hoque

Outfit details: 

Ruffle top:

Trousers: Artisan Outfitters 

Fringe Bucket Bag: Guess

Scrappy heels: Next



Aydha Mehnaz

Posing in front of a bike is quite the irony because I never learned how to ride one in 22 years of my existence. I was never the “active” person people always assume judging from what I look on  the exterior. I never work out, never even placed 3rd or 4th yet alone win a 100 meter during sports day at school. Ok maybe not a sprint but I did place 2nd balancing a clay pot on my head and running with it. But that was it, the only silver medal I proudly hold to this day as one of my greatest achievements as a tweenager. 

I can’t swim or hold my breath for more than 2 secs underwater which is pretty much why I  clenched to my brother’s arm as the water taxi made it’s way from the airport to the resort on our trip to the Maldives. With the very limited experiences I have had with heights and adventure I am not an adrenaline junky. 

But riding a bike compared to all of that seems like a pretty tamed sport to try isn’t it? Well  it’s never too late to learn. 

I am wearing a sample outer by Istanbul Official and Indigo Ieggings by H&M , adidas superstars from need supply , travel tote from Louis Vuitton and sunglasses by Charles and Keith. 

Photographed by @Goezda