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Aydha Mehnaz

Embracing any sort of change for me elicits a lot of emotions, that lies dormant most of the time. I throw temper tantrums like a 4 year old and functionally shut off for a couple of days till I figure out what the hell is going on. It’s not the irrational fear of getting out of my comfort zone but the constant trauma and uncertainty of the unknown future that scares me the most.

 I just moved into a new house, my room is smaller than it used to be but that’s okay an adequate looking luminous  space to place all my junk is only what I care for the time being. 

I also got my eyes checked and was informed by the doc that I needed to wear glasses for  the slightly impaired eyes. That’s when I freaked out…a bit. Even though I was assured by the doc that I only need to wear it for like 6 months to heal the prolong migraine attacks but my friends say that’s how it “usually starts”, thanks guys for making me feel totally normal. 

I went to 5 stores in 2 different locations to find a proper frame I liked but sadly the one I really liked wasn’t in the color I wanted and finally settled for this one. Why do I have to be blinded by the fog for a legit 5 seconds every time I leave the ac room? 


Photographed by Laisul Hoque

Outfit details: 

Ruffle top:

Trousers: Artisan Outfitters 

Fringe Bucket Bag: Guess

Scrappy heels: Next



Aydha Mehnaz

Posing in front of a bike is quite the irony because I never learned how to ride one in 22 years of my existence. I was never the “active” person people always assume judging from what I look on  the exterior. I never work out, never even placed 3rd or 4th yet alone win a 100 meter during sports day at school. Ok maybe not a sprint but I did place 2nd balancing a clay pot on my head and running with it. But that was it, the only silver medal I proudly hold to this day as one of my greatest achievements as a tweenager. 

I can’t swim or hold my breath for more than 2 secs underwater which is pretty much why I  clenched to my brother’s arm as the water taxi made it’s way from the airport to the resort on our trip to the Maldives. With the very limited experiences I have had with heights and adventure I am not an adrenaline junky. 

But riding a bike compared to all of that seems like a pretty tamed sport to try isn’t it? Well  it’s never too late to learn. 

I am wearing a sample outer by Istanbul Official and Indigo Ieggings by H&M , adidas superstars from need supply , travel tote from Louis Vuitton and sunglasses by Charles and Keith. 

Photographed by @Goezda


Aydha Mehnaz

Did you know flares were introduced to the human race by humans back in the 70’s? Well the obsession didn’t die after the era was finished, it continued to sneak into every decade finally
taking center stage on the summer essentials list since 2015.

I have been a fan of the flare since the 2000s, well I didn’t know much back then (who says I know anything now?) , my mother used to dress me up in printed flared pants or "dividers" as some of us like to call it here with matching boat neck tops. Maybe i’ll  throwback some of the childhood photos once I can find out where they are. For now let’s just say I used to synchronize and color coordinate everything. A yellow dress had to have yellow shoes, a yellow headband, matching handbag and last a yellow nail polish. 

People who live in the tropics (our kind) are no stranger to wearing palazzos all year around, easy, flowy and kind of looks like a skirt but it really isn’t. I am always anxious when I wear a skirt out and about that my legs would show if the skirt decides to blow away into the wind. I  wear tights in the matching color of the skirt but with palazzos solves the problem just by being itself; a pant by definition and a skirt by volume. I love this signature printed palazzos by Kamiidea. 

The watch the tutorial on how I do this hijab style here.

Layering is hard during the summer even if now I am kind of used to the heat but minimizing the layers as much as you can (including the scarf styles as well) can do wonders to keep you cool. 

Signature printed Palazzo : Kamiidea

Flared top: Malana

Ankle-cuff mid heel: Next 

Satin Pashmina: Sopura Silk Mills 

Black Bejeweled : Monsoon UK

Photographed by Goezda 


Aydha Mehnaz

I have always dreaded wearing high heels or stilettos, why?  Partly because I can’t really walk to high heels and also cause constantly wearing heels all the time does more bad than good to your hip joints (sounding like a total 80 year old now, sorry but it's true though). Therefore most of my shoe collection consists of flat sandals and wedges. I don’t care anymore if I don’t look as tall as the other girls do, it has been one of my greatest insecurities till very recently. All I need to be sure of is that I look and feel confident with whatever I am wearing.

Even back in 2014, I used to a hard time trying to find a proper wedge like heel that is stylish and comfortable to wear all day long.  Now that slip ons and wedges are finally making a comeback, it’s more starting to feel like 2016 is really my year.

With that news I am so happy to introduce you all to the latest series of wedges and block heels by my dear friends at La Mode! Just a little bit of an insight, La Mode is a Bangladesh-based label that ethically manufactures shoes for women in their own factory and also shipping internationally to all who love a pair of good handmade shoes from good-hearted creative people. Their Eid collection is specially designed to keep your feet looking all glammed up for a July Eid! I always get so inspired when Fahmida Apu ,the genius behind La Mode who, I’m pretty sure talks about shoes in her sleep shares her story about how she came to design shoes in the first place. Her story this time for making wedges was that: Any “La mode girl” will be running around all Eid and stilettoes might make her feet get stuck in the mud lol! The collection needs to be glamorous but also take care the basic necessities of comfort for everyone who wears it. She's just too kind and likes to take care of people masha'Allah. <3 

She designed her entire collection with the most comfortable padding girls! When I wore the Pandora and Majestic Beige, they kind of mould into the same shape of your feet for instant comfort; quite contrary to the popular belief that your shoes will ease in after you’ve worn them a couple of times. La Mode has used very exquisite material this time similar to what you’ll find in a pair of Zaras or Aldos  

MZ X Lamode

The two of my favorites especially from La Mode’s Eid collection is the Pandora: the jewel encrusted block heel in black and The Majestic beige that has a unique zig zag leather work that remind me of braids, speaking of which does anyone of you know how to tie a braid in the easiest way possible? it’s about time this girl right here learned some proper survival skills a.k.a learning how to braid my own hair! Sigh... 

Getting back to the talking about shoes, my advice for you would be pick some very versatile pieces that you can wear with multiple outfits. This year I am focusing more on investment pieces such as more blacks and take better care of your shoes. 

MZX Lamode

The Pandora mid heel for example is a dope investment piece which you can rock with both traditional outfits and suits at the same time. I love the idea how Fahmida Apu incorporated jewels on the heel area that totally adds the extra bling that makes it a perfect pair to wear all year around. 

Another pair that I totally adore is this Trinity gold (above) jewel encrusted meddies , these are more like a pair you can pull off with culottes and salwar kameezes, I feel you guys can rock it way better with embellished kameezes to match your outfit colours.

That's all from me for now! Lately I have been getting into doing alot of live vidoes on facebook! So make sure you stay connected with me on the Minazification Facebook page for instant live updates andimpromptu Q&As. I want to know what are you girls shopping for/doing this Eid? Message me, send it to me on Instagram or leave a comment down below!

Photographed by Laisul Hoque 

Thank you Là Mode for sponsoring this post.