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Aydha Mehnaz

2nd December 2016. The signs of winter are yet to be seen. The sweaters and coats are still packed and I am worried I’ll even get a chance to wear my oldies yet alone buy new ones.

In the next couple of days I want to set a clear path of re-structuring my dis-organized habits for good and I ask you, dear reader, to do the same. I know life is all about embracing who we are, but sometimes it’s better to straighten things out if it takes an odd detour.

Photographed by Laisul Hoque

I’m wearing:


Aydha Mehnaz

I always hesitate when people ask about my life. It’s a long story. I am the final months of graduating with a degree in biochemistry, (insha’Allah) with no idea what I will do with it in the future. I work in retail fashion and occasionally write about my indefinite style interests in this blog. I have terrible mood swings which is one of the reasons why it is unlikely I'll ever marry         (don’t tell my mother though or else she’ll freak). I can’t smile if I genuinely don’t want to and never show up for classes or meetings on time. Finishing all my pending tasks a minute before the deadline has been the norm for the last 4 and half years.My sartorial existence has two phases: the overdressed weirdo or the helpless destitute who hasn’t showered in two days. 

How am I supposed to fit in all of this into a 2-minute superficial small talk? It’s like unleashing a beast of frustration I am desperately trying hide in a perfect world, where being human and showing acceptability of our own flawed judgment is considered as a rare trait. Is there any way to just skip the small talk to avoid the awkwardness? It certainly does take off a lot of pressure, doesn't it? 

But truth is, effortlessness takes up a lot of effort. As much as we thought our lives will get easier as we get older the opposite is true. Nothing comes easy unless we have tried achieving something with a performance at a constant high level. Everything might not make sense now, it might not even make sense in the future, there is no harm in trying is there?

Photographed by Laisul Hoque

Wardrobe details: 

Bespoke blazer and ruffled shirt ( shout out to my peeps at the Sailor Design Studio

Velvet Pumps by Metro (India) 

Messenger Bag by Marie Claire (Bata Bangladesh


Aydha Mehnaz

Breathe. Continue to be who and how are you. Astonish a mean world with your acts of kindness. Continue to allow humor to lighten the burden of your tender heart.                        - Maya Angelou

After all, life goes on. What is today will be history tomorrow. But the goodness of our hearts is what that stays forever.


Photographed by Laisul Hoque.  

Statement t-shirt (with my name written in Arabic)  by Selma Lebdiri  from Ummahbrand.

“Salam” cotton tote also by Ummahbrand. 


Aydha Mehnaz

I took a month long break through out October from posting anything on the Internet. For a week it felt like I couldn’t breathe. I don’t know about others but the way I let the “digital” world dictate my life was getting out of control. I wasn’t able to do anything on time and the list of all the things I needed to do was getting longer than I anticipated. 

I am not a superwoman and I can only so much in 24 hours. Thus the break was much needed to get everything reorganized and back on track. I canceled all my travel schedules for this year because I need to keep my head grounded and finish school for good. 

As 2016 is coming to an end faster than I can choose a #ootd, I am preparing for what is yet to come. 

While I was on a hiatus I received a beautiful package from the Lebdiri Sisters  all the from Germany. It had chocolates that were my only source of sugar for 3 whole days (so good) , this cozy navy blue under-cut dress, gray jersey hijab and thiscriss-cross white see-through clutch all from Mizaan by Meriem Lebdiri. Thank you! 

Photographed by Laisul Hoque

Full outfit by  Mizaan

Shoes by Charles and Keith